official lunch of Nauyo-Bugema Toun Council

Event Information: 

Nauyo-Bugema toun council was officially lunched on 25/oct/2018

Theme:Inclucsive and Sustainable Urbanization

Nauyo-Bugema town council become operational on 1st july 2017 after an instrument was issued by the ministry of local government to that effect.

It comprises of the former Nauyo parish from Bungokho mutoto subcounty and former Bungokho mutoto sub county and former bukasakya parish from bukasakya sub county all in bungokho county in Mbale District

The town council offices are temperorarily located  2km on mbale Tororo road 200 meters from Home land Hotel on your left in Kengere cell,Napooli lower ward

The town council has 8 wards and 34 cells thus  8Lc11S AND 34 Lc1s , we are greteful to the NRM government through its leadership that grantend this town council which has enabled the residents of Nauyo-Bugema and uganda at large get employement


The town council has a total of 33 staff,but the opproved structure has 68 positions meaning we have more 38 jobs to be advertised and filled ,we have 3 cleaners who sweep our town and are paid a wage

The town council is headed by the town clerk called M/S Nabulwala Catherine , the first Town clerk Nauyo-Bugema town council

Long live Nauyo-Bugema Town Council-Long live the President of the republic of Uganda.


Tuesday, 20 November 2018
Bugema Quran Primary School
All Day Event