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District Administration

The supreme policy making body of the district is the council which consists of  councilors representing sub-counties and special interest groups ( the Elderly Women, Youth, the Disabled and Workers ). It exercises its functions through the Executive Committee and Sectoral Standing committees.

The Implementation  of approved council activities  is carried by the Technical Departments of  Management and Administration, Finance and Planning  , Statutory bodies, Production, Health,  Education , Works , Natural resources  , Community based services,  Internal Audit and the recently created Tade, Industry and Economic Development.

The Chief Administrative Officer is the Chief Executive supervised by the District Chairman who is the Political Head of the District.

The District is divided into 1 county and 1 Municipality with 20 rural Sub-counties, 4 Town Councils and 3 Divisions. The District constitutes of 121 parishes and 986 village councils. Bungokho County covers most of the district area as it comprises of 20 sub-counties and 4 Town Council whereas Municipality has 3 divisions. The District has 1 Town Board called Jewa Town Board